Alcohol-related Cases

  • Motor vehicle accident

  • Pedestrian accident

  • Aquatic accident

  • Cycling accident

  • See liquor liability (below)

Liquor Liability (Dram Shop)

  • Reliability of alcohol testing

  • Amount of alcohol consumed

  • BAC at the time of last service

  • Expected effects of alcohol

  • Comparison of case features

  • Patron-specific factors

Drug-related Cases

  • Drug testing

  • Expected effects of drug

  • Drug-alcohol interactions

  • Risk of accident

  • Cause or manner of death

Toxic Torts

  • Carbon monoxide

  • Lead paint

  • Chemical solvents

  • Pesticides

  • Caustic chemicals

Criminal Cases:
While most of Dr. Pape’s work relates to civil matters, he does review, consult, and testify in some criminal cases.

Consultation Assignments:
Please call Dr. Pape to discuss potential case-specific consultation relating to technical issues or testimony.





Pape & Associates, Inc.


Pape & Associates was founded by Dr. Brian Pape to provide technical and expert services relating to clinical, analytical, and forensic toxicology and related sciences. Most of these services are provided by Dr. Pape personally. While most of the clients are located in the New England or the greater mid-Atlantic Coast region, all inquiries are welcome.






Brian E. Pape, Ph.D.


Specializing in Toxicology


Over 25 years experience as medical school faculty, laboratory director, and consulting toxicologist. His areas of concentration include alcohol, drugs, and selected toxic torts. While most of his work relates to civil litigation, he does accept some criminal cases for review and potential testimony.


An interested party is invited to call Dr. Pape to discuss a specific case or relevant hypothetical features without charge or obligation based on agreement that such consultation will not limit, restrict, or prohibit him from providing professional services. If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please discuss them with Dr. Pape.


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If you use e-mail to request a telephonic case consultation, please do not attach any case-specific records unless Dr. Pape has specifically requested such records.